Careers in Retail HQ

Landing that dream job?


Our recruitment retail specialist team Majestic operate in the centre of the Retail Head Quarters landscape. They have direct experience working with a portfolio of High St and  International Brand names. A career in Retail can be sculptured like many careers with a structured, analytical,  systematic and logical approach.


Once the prospective candidates has identified that a Retail career in Head Quarters is there chosen path way, then its very much down to understanding the candidates strengths weaknesses then matching those strengths to the disciplines of the Retail HQ roles.


Whatever the Retail pathway the candidate wishes to pursue, the common pre requisite we've observed is that they must have at the core an  "Obsession or Passion for Fashion".

Where this is missing we see time again the career false starts or is short lived. Retail is a very demanding and rewarding career and if well matched to an individual skills it becomes not a career pathway but a successful and  sustained  life journey. 


We can help build the candidate's profile by providing the key insights that will add value where necessary to ensure they maximise their skills and  when matched to the role will lead them to...ultimately landing that dream job!